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    • TUESDAY, JULY 27, 2010

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    Disclaimer: I'm having a really difficult time being objective with this review because, honestly, I love everything about this band. I love their sound, their name (best of the year, IMO), their branding (lotsa cats), lead-singer Bethany Consentinos familiar-but-not-too-familiar voice, the fact that their "official" website is a quickly thrown together dot Blogspot; everything. But I'll try my best.

    Best Coast is a trio from Los Angeles who create as honest a throwback sound as I've heard all year. Drawing from '50s and '60s surf rock, the band's sound is fuzzy, happy, girl pop that crosses the so-simple-it's-genius threshold handily, making it okay for music snobs and fanboys to "study" and gush about— me included.

    "Boyfriend" is the album's first single, which was leaked earlier this year and quickly found its way onto critics' playlists everywhere. Consentino's lyrics are quick-witted and honest— too-much-so for radio play: "The other girl is not like me / she's prettier and skinnier / She has a college degree / I dropped out when I was seventeen." It's easygoing pop, but "California Gurls" this ain't.

    On "Our Deal," Consentino croons with a classic, young and wounded sort of heartbreak reminiscent of Patsy Cline's "Crazy." "When you leave me the bed is empty/ and I feel crazy / because I didn't say anything," she sings over (intentionally) sloppy gospel-ooh's and -ahh's. It's heartfelt Americana, even if it is from the dregs of Hollywood.

    "Crazy for You" is the album's strongest track, and among its shortest. Clocking in easily under the two-minute mark — and featuring no more than four or five chords — Consentino sings, "You drive me crazy but I love you / you make me lazy but I love you."

    Uh, likewise. -chris gayomali

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