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    • MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009

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    Seattle natives and indiepop stars Throw Me the Statue sing the sort of perfectly crafted, instantly lovable yet not superficial pop that countless bands aspire to and few can master, with charm and an effortless yet genuine style that they polish to a summer gleam on their sophomore album Creaturesque. It is dreamy and soft, at times catchy with an impossibly enthusiastic force so that certain hooks and choruses produce hand claps and tapping feet, at times with a slow, lush dark fog over these melodic songs.

    "Waving at the Shore" instantly draws with its catchy, sweet and lush melody and inviting lyrics, turned to a hopelessly cheerful, xylophone and dancing in cute colors with big smiles bridge and chorus, featuring Throw Me the Statue's signature drum lines, forcefully catchy and fun, persistent through its end. "Ancestors" begins with fuzzy guitars, a stark story in between clear keyboards and an addictive swirl of instruments and story. Songs like "Dizzy from the Fall" begin with an irresistible hook, series of quick and feathered handclaps to a song that is a catchy tap along, head bobbing, smile on your face perfect track about a girl who needs help from the games.

    "Cannibal Rays" begins with the same percussion as the pop masterpiece that was "Lolita" from their last album, but shifts instead into a slower, dreamy resignation tinted star gazing from vintage car roofs perfect galaxy track. "Shade for a Shadow," in a semilar vein, is a slow drifting song like an underwater creature, filled with discovery, a hazy melancholy dripping from the lush vocals. And if those are the night, the dark depths of underwater, "The Outer Folds" is a song of discovery, the glimmer of the morning light, sunlight spilling on crystal waters, wide eyed wonder at the world, tinkling pretty melodies and vocals filled with curiosity, a sweet optimism toward the world, a quirky progression that molds to the beauty of the little moments. A song befitting the last scene of a movie, a life story, a dream, and, of course, an apt end for the album.

    Now if only Throw Me the Statue can fully embrace the explosive, brilliant pop that they've mastered on certain songs, allow themselves the beauty of the slower fuzzy songs, and kill the still pleasant but not quite perfect rest of the album, they'd be a band impossible to ignore. -Laura Yan

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