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    • MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009

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    New York band Motel Motel fled the city for this video treatment of New Denver's jangly standout "Coffee". In it, a man finds himself clawing his way out of the earth into a glazing, sun streaked afternoon in the forest. Panning soft to hard focus, the camera adjusts like the video's stunned subject to his new, wooded surroundings. What a tragic pity to have such a place all to ones' self. Thankfully our natural man has fashioned a plan to cure him of his splendid loneliness. - David Pitz

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    Aug 10 - Cairo - Egypt
    Aug 27 - Mercury Lounge - New York New York, New York
    Sep 9 - Hoxton Bar - London, London and South East
    Sep 11 - End of the Road Festival - England
    Sep 12 - End of the Road Festival - England
    Sep 13 - End of the Road Fesitval - England
    Sep 15 2009 - Tamesis Dock (ON A BOAT!) - London, London and South East

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