Ranking the 2017 XXL Freshmen Class Cypher
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Andy Tran

    1. Amine

    There was a uniqueness to Amine's freestyle that no other rapper had—alternating flow, pauses, and lyrical savviness. Going off for less than a minute, we can see why Amine is gaining popularity in the hip-hop scene and even collaborating with Missy Elliot on his song "Red Mercedes."

    2. PnB Rock

    PnB takes over this beat, weaving in and out with a comfort level as chill as ice. He flows from the top without any hesitation and though he may lack lyrical originality, there is an attraction to his charisma and rapping style.

    3. Kamaiyah

    Kamaiyah comes out a bit weak, but soon after you realize she's been flowing from thin air for a good 2 minutes plus some change—this takes confidence but more importantly talent. Kamaiyah's freestyle is relentless and her lyrics prove to be much stronger and meaningful than the rest.

    4. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

    A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has a strong flow but lacks consistency in his lyrics. Listening from line to line there are some that have no meaning while at times he demonstrates a knack for storytelling.

    5. Kyle

    Arguably Kyle could be ranked at number four but his flow was missing a bit and it sounded a bit broken and awkward—though his lyrics were very unique. He has a style that doesn't fit this type of rapping. If it were a competition of most original flow and lyrics he'd be on top.

    6. Kap G

    Off beat and trying to hard. Kap G doesn't have the strongest flow or the lyrical genius that is required for a great freestyle. But with some refinement there is potential for Kap G to spit legit bars.

    7. Xxxtentacion

    Xxxtentacion is quite the character. I wouldn't call his performance a freestyle but more of a statement about death and evil—it was unique though. I'll give him that.

    8. Madeintyo

    The typical freestyle you'd hear. Diamonds and swagger is what Madeintyo manages to squeeze into his 30 second spotlight, nothing special.

    9. Ugly God

    Ugly God is a funny guy, but maybe not so much a rapper. He follows up Madeintyo with what seemed like a troll freestyle talking about his ability to pick up girls and get booty.

    10. Playboy Carti

    Playboy Carti runs circles around himself, rephrasing the same topic of girls and drugs in just different, lackluster phrases. He comes from the trend of rappers who care much more about the effects of fame rather than the art and content of it.

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