7 Songs That Will Help You Start Your Day Right
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Personally, I'm not really much of a morning person. In fact, just this morning I woke up briefly to the sound of my 6:00am alarm, which I had set thinking "this time I'll actually wake up at 6," only to groan at the screen and reset my alarm to 7:30. If you're anything like me, you'll do anything you can to make mornings a little better. This includes making the perfect "morning playlists," because the right music makes everything better. Just a regular old playlist isn't enough, though - any night owl who has to wake up at 6:00am knows that. This list guides you through the different phases of the morning, from waking up to getting a positive boost before you start your day. Check it out below, and don't forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

    Wake Up!:

    1. Cashmere Cat, , SOPHIE - "9 (After Coachella)"

    Ah yes, that marimba sound at the beginning that vaguely sounds like a default Apple ringtone, but better - a nice calm start to the day. Things start to pick up once MØ starts singing, and then once it gets to right around 0:57 second mark - well, there's no going back to sleep now. I'm almost 100% sure that that break down is SOPHIE's work, just based on the sound, and aside from giving the song a really interesting, experimental edge, it's the perfect thing to jar you awake. Forget coffee - all you really need is some metallic SOPHIE sounds.

    Relax for a Bit:

    2. Noname, The Mind - "Sunny Duet"

    Actually, you probably do still need that coffee. Either way, now that you're officially out of bed, you can relax for a little while and ease into the day. Noname's "Sunny Duet" has a very pleasant, chill sound, especially with those background vocal samples that add a doo-wop vibe to the whole thing. Watch the sunrise as you listen to this "Sunny Duet."

    3. Kali Uchis - "Lottery"

    Kali Uchis' "Lottery" is similarly pleasant and chill. Unlike actual sugar, the sweetness of this song won't lead you to inevitably crash a few hours later, so go ahead and indulge yourself.

    4. Maroon 5 - "Sunday Morning"

    Warning: This song should only be listened to on Sunday mornings. Maroon 5 will know - don't disappoint Maroon 5.

    Get Energized:

    5. CHON, ROM - "Glitch"

    By now, you should be done relaxing with your coffee. Now, it's time to get energized! In CHON's song "Glitch" from their newest album Homey, their evolving and complicated guitar riffs meet the electronic stylings of ROM. The song is still chill - you obviously don't want to blow all your energy in one go - but it has enough energy to get you going for the day. You could definitely do some light exercise to this one, or even just sit, listen, and get hyped about CHON, because CHON is great.

    6. Maxo - "Mediumrare"

    Maxo's "Mediumrare" has a pretty similar vibe to the CHON song, but is more disjointed and unpredictable, which will be sure to keep you on your toes as you make your way through the morning.

    And Some Positivity for the Day:

    7. Natasha Bedingfield - "Happy"

    I'm not actually sure how many people know this song, but to me it's kind of a classic because of how many times I listened to the whole album, Pocketful of Sunshine (which, of course everyone knows because of the single), when I was younger. Anyway, this song is all about being happy and remembering the good things in life despite all of the bad parts. Ending your morning with this song is a great way to start the rest of your day with a burst of positivity. Sit back and let Natasha Bedingfield tell you that "it's ok now, what are you worrying about?" for the perfect ending to a perfect morning.

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