Unanswered Questions from the New No Doubt Video
    • THURSDAY, JULY 26, 2012

    • Posted by: Andrew Gruttadaro

    When No Doubt's first single in nine years dropped last Monday we we had some serious concerns. The video came out shortly after, and now we just have questions. And look, I used to love No Doubt -- I still remember where I was the first time I saw "Don't Speak" on MTV -- but this is just too freaking weird, and there is just so much left unanswered. Watch the video and follow along with our second-by-second inquiries.

    0:10 - Is that eyeliner and a mohawk?

    0:30 - Is that one of the oranges from the "Don't Speak" video!?

    0:40 - Gwen Stefani's old enough to drink, right?

    0:50 - Product placement be damned, where can we get one of those fly watches?

    0:54 - Oh, so this is what truck driving is like?

    1:12 - Not really a question, but it's nice to finally know where Gwen Stefani was hiding those Asian girls.

    1:33 - I think we get it -- it's like a reunion, right?

    2:56 - Is this supposed to be like Bollywood or Stomp the Yard

    3:28 - Is Gwen on amphetamines?

    4:09 - Whoa, what was that?

    5:20 - This is still going on?

    6:00 - Yes, yes it is.

    What were your thoughts while watching "Settle Down?"

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