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    • MONDAY, JULY 26, 2010

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    Kings of Leon met with a crowd who told them how they really feel, electronic music festivals hit another deadly speed-bump, and Ben and Jerry's took it to the next level (via the imagination of the internet).

    Kings Of Leon cancelled a performance due to being defecated on by an army of pigeons.

    According to Pitchfork (who took a decidedly hilarious tone with this news), the band was forced to cancel a performance at the St. Louis, MO Verizon Amphitheatre on Friday night due to an unbearable amount of pigeon waste reigning down from the rafters. Openers The Postelles and The Stills both complained but Kings decided to take the stage anyway, making it through about three songs before bassist Jared Fallowil got hit in the face. Somewhere, Rob Riggel was yelling.

    Live Nation is refunding tickets, but no word on the band ever being able to live this one down. Oh well, they've been sh*t on plenty, it just happened to be literal this time.

    Love Parade Fest in Germany led to overcrowding, tragedy.

    First LA's Electric Daisy Carnival, and now this (arguably much, much worse): the electronic music festival near Duisburg led to 19 deaths, and 340 injuries, according to the BBC. The festival attracted over a million people, and crowds panicked and stampeded when police attempted to close off a tunnel to stop the crowd from swelling further. This will be the last Love Parade, according to the festivals organizers.

    Sorry for the bummer news, and now this!

    It isn't real, but damn it's good.

    Happy Monday! -joe puglisi

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