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    • MONDAY, JULY 26, 2010

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    Your weekly guide to late-night music. This week's looking a lot better than the last, with a few shows truly worth the effort of trying to find the remote. Plus 50 Cent grabs TWO spots Wednesday night, which just seems greedy. Tune in:

    TONIGHT (7/26): She & Him (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson)
    other guest for the night will be Steve Carell, if you're into that.

    TUESDAY (7/27): The Black Keys (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) (BONUS: Morgan Freeman, whose unbelievably soothing tones count as music in my book.)
    OR: The Backstreet Boys ...Wait, what? Is it honestly possible they still have something to say?

    WEDNESDAY (7/28): The Flaming Lips (The Late Show with David Letterman

    THURSDAY (7/29): Interpol (The Late Show with David Letterman). Hopefully they'll explain the details of pheromone harvesting, because I'm still confused.
    OR: Of Montreal (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

    FRIDAY (7/30): Turn off the TV and go live your life. The alternatives are Greenday or a Madonna re-run, so really. Go outside.

    And in SUPER IMPORTANT non-musical appearances: Isaiah Mustafah of Old Spice Fame will be on Leno Wednesday night. If you miss it, though, there are literally hundreds (I think, I didn't actually count) of videos of him answering the public's questions on the YouTubes. -selden paterson

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