show recap: bear hands at the whitney
    • MONDAY, JULY 26, 2010

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    Photos by Michelle Geslani. For more shows, check out our photo section

    As New York City took cover in response to a tornado watch (what!?), Brooklyn's indie/post-punk Bear Hands set up shop in an unlikely place: the Whitney. But it wasn't long before the museum, with its amazing collection of American art (definitely see the Charles Burchfield exhibit on the 3rd floor, great stuff), transformed into something of a unique rock-show experience.

    With no real distinct stage, the band played in the middle of a room on the building's lower level, their equipment and many wires strewn on the floor acting as an interesting makeshift demarcation between "the watchers" and what was "to be watched." Certainly a thin separation, but one in line with the whole idea behind museums the act of viewing art up close and personal. With a backdrop of the Upper East Side's high-rises and an overheard light show featuring hollowed out cylinders that changed hue every couple of seconds, Bear Hands were in a new and exciting element. They totally used it to their advantage too, exercising tons of energy in their live performance and showing off some of their best new music. -michelle geslani

    "Set List Mofos"
    What a Drag
    High Society
    Can't Stick 'Em
    Sickly Brunette
    Wicksey Boxing
    Blood and Treasure
    Camel Convention
    Bad Blood

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