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    • MONDAY, JULY 26, 2010

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    Les Savy Fav have released "Let's Get Out Of Here" off their upcoming album "Road to Ruin," which drops August 14th on French Kiss Records. The track is startlingly civil, on the sane side of LSF's music, and downloadable below for anyone willing to surrender an email address.

    In case you're some kind of magical computer-hacking whiz kid (aka, in case you downloaded the album when it leaked over the weekend), you can assuage your klepto-guilt by showing the band a little love (aka $$$$) here, where they've set up a paypal account for just that purpose. BONUS: if you pay extra they'll absolve your "sex sins and stuff," and "tell Jesus to send you cookies." Plus you can download the Leaked Edition album art, so anyone browsing your ipod will know you're a rebel. -selden paterson

    Download the track:

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