Blitzen Trapper - The Mercury Lounge - July 25th, 2007
    • THURSDAY, JULY 26, 2007

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    Having earned themselves a slew of critical chatter for their independently released, Wild Mountain Nation, Portland experi-blazers Blitzen Trapper brought their rousing and rambling sound to a close-to-capacity show in NYC last evening. Always wanting to decipher pandemonium from pretension, the Baeble crew piled into the Mercury Lounge to hear what all the frenzied fuss surrounding the band is all about.

    When a young band meanders musical terrain at will, often times they sound lost or searching. But Blitzen Trapper’s well-informed pull on multiple sonic seams never tears apart the band’s performance. Whether wondering what Wowee Zowee might sound like coming out of their own guitars, leaning on the country croon of Crosby Stills, Nash, and Young, grazing in cow punk pastures, or sending accolades to that gloriously grungy past their area of the country is so typically associated with, Blitzen Trapper tie their tunes tight with enthusiastic and slap happy takes on their well worn influences. - David Pitz

    Photos - Stefanie Giglio

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