NOW PLAYING:  Haerts Achingly Nostalgic NEXT Session
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2018

    • Posted by: Nell Snow

    One of the best things about the Baeble NEXT sessions is the opportunity to see artists strip their songs back to just the bare bones. But indie duo Haerts' new album already is pretty skeletal. "It was very important to us to write the songs in a really simple way," said Nini Fabi, who lends her angelic voice to the band. Ever the experts at simplifying, Haerts still managed to find some elements to ditch, and with just two guitars, an electric bass, and Nini's voice, they constructed beautifully balanced songs.

    The straightforward conception of the songs was essential to Haerts' creative process as they tried to make an album that was an honest representation of themselves. "We had to go back and reconnect with our musical identity in many ways, and just sort of, you know, cut out all the noise and refocus. And that can be really hard sometimes when there's a lot of noise around you," dished keyboarder and guitarist Ben Gerbert

    Haerts started the set with an emotional rendition of "Your Love," before performing their new single "New Compassion," and finishing up with the more wistful track "In This Time." Each song seems as if it comes from some dreamlike version of the past, the rock infused melodies mixing with acoustics to create an achingly nostalgic aura. It's a universal sort of emotion. And that, mixed with love-song lyrics that are immediately relatable, make for a performance that feels unifying and complete.

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