Purity Ring Releases First Original Song In Two Years, 'Asido'
    • TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Victoria Fernandes

    In honor of the fifth anniversary of their debut album Shrines, Purity Ring has released a brand new song "Asido," to eager ears. Between the two years without original music, Purity Ring fans have been tirelessly theorizing what their new music would sound like. Will it be dark and heavy like their debut or light and airy like the 2015 release another eternity? Whichever side you were on, you'll be happy with the latest release.

    The end result is somewhere in between, a true blend of Shrines and another eternity, heightening everything we love about Purity Ring. The lyrics are both intense and ethereal with imagery that drives into a whole other world. Megan James' dreamy vocals continue to compliment Corin Roddick's imaginative instrumentals as she sings the chorus, "Feel as lonely as I do," which, ironically, makes the listener feel even just a little less alone. The song also explores the human body, giving the listener imagery that's both challenging and interesting, "How my tongue dried into the dust...How my skin willed a lie."

    The song came hand in hand with a lyric video that's just as imaginative. Illustrated by Tallulah Fontaine, the video is a gripping narrative that visualizes Purity Ring's inner thoughts; dark, lonely, dreamy and ethereal.

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