Julia Michaels Gets Cute And Couple-y In New 'Uh Huh' Video
    • TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    Watching Julia Michaels' new video for her bold pop anthem "Uh Huh" is like hanging out with that friend who is in the perfect relationship. It's either cute or it's torture, depending on your mood. I wanted to be cynical and jaded about this video, but that bass drop on the chorus, plus Michaels' endearingly whiny vocal slides, plus all the shots of a her and her boo thang being all quirky and couple-y are just too infectious. With quite a few melancholy pop songs making the rounds this summer, "Uh Huh" and the accompanying video are a refreshing burst of hope for love without brakes... If you're in the mood for that sort of thing.

    Julia Michaels is finally seizing the spotlight after writing for sensations such as Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. Her single "Issues" has been slaying on the radio and Top 40 playlists all summer. It's great to see the mastermind behind so much popular music finally getting the recognition she deserves, and I have to root for Julia Michaels and her ultra-cute new video.

    For more on the rising pop star's journey from behind the scenes stardom to her own spot on the charts:

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