Alvvays' 'Dreams Tonite' Is A Love Song For The Shy Kids
    • TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    Alvvays' new single, "Dreams Tonite", is the perfect mid-summer jam for all of us lonely folks. With a haze of beachy synths in the background, lead singer Molly Rankin's clear, piercing voice pines over a stranger on the street as she asks, "Will I have you in my dreams tonight?" The song hints at painful isolation and alludes to the title of Alvvays' upcoming second album, Antisocilaites, with the forlorn verse, "In fluorescent lights/ Antisocialites watch a wilting flower". As a longtime anti-socialite myself, I believe that the flower is a metaphor for the potential for connection with another person that withers in the silence you can't bring your introverted self to break. Ouch.

    Antisocialites is an appropriate title for Alvvays' next studio album considering Molly Rankin's writing process. She wrote and recorded demos in an abandoned classroom while sleeping on the beach of Toronto Island. Based on "Dreams Tonite", this solitary lifestyle seems to have inspired an album that promises to avoid the sophomore slump. Get yourself to a deserted beach to spin Antisocialites when it drops on September 8th.

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