Thats A Wrap: Delta Spirit And Cheers Elephant
    • THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014

    • Posted by: Jason Wien

    We marched along scuffed hardwood to a studio tucked away in an industrial part of Brooklyn's Greenpoint. We surveyed the old posters that hung limp across the lengthy corridors and glanced out of every stained window we passed, eventually arriving at room 524 — a miniature dollhouse studio built specifically for Brooklyn's finest nomadic musicians. And as the early morning sun spread its fingers through the rusted window and across the floor, our film crew began setting up in preparation for the two reasons we found ourselves so far away from our beloved haven in lower Manhattan: to film Delta Spirit and Cheers Elephant.

    And it was just as we finished setting up the cameras and lighting when Matthew Vasquez, the lead vocalist of Delta Spirit, slid through the rusted door and into the room where his sandals would unavoidably clap against the hardwood.

    With a subtle smile, he immediately found his place in the center of the room. And with newly placed lights surrounding him, while we waited for the rest of the band to haul the equipment upstairs; Vasquez polished his harmonica and took out what we'd soon find out was a $6,000 dollar acoustic guitar. The rest of the band arrived shortly after.

    When Delta Spirit, acting as a trio baring only acoustic guitars, had finally warmed themselves up, they began running through a list of songs they wanted to play. And it was at the moment, being fully blessed with the opportunity to hear the band speak to one another, that we all realized how down-to-earth these guys really are. They're not that big band that strolls into a studio with an A to Z plan on how they're going to melt our faces with their music — they don't even have anything written down. They're simply here to play for anyone who is willing to lend an ear to listen. And while they sat, legs crossed and leaning forward in the center of the room towards the window, they wiped the sweat from their foreheads and began to play songs that few have had the privilege of hearing them play — a collection of songs that arrive on store shelves in early September under the album name, Into The Wide.

    And as Delta Spirit wrapped up their three-song set, simultaneously replenishing any allegiance we had towards the band that had faded between the years, Cheers Elephant kicked open the door and graced us with their contrasting presence. In other words: where Delta Spirit's set was a cool refreshing glass of water, Cheers Elephant's was the highly caffeinated soda that tickles your tongue when you drink too much.

    The four-piece collective, composed of Derek Krzywicki (lead vocals, guitar), Jordan Del Rosario (Lead guitar, vocals), Travelin Mat (bass, vocals), and Robert Kingsly (Drums), equipped themselves with all of the necessary face-melting effects pedals and Beatle-esque harmonies, plugged in, and began at light-speed to prove to us how hard they can really rock — and my God, they really can rock!

    And as soon as Cheers Elephant wrapped up their infectiously foot stomping set, we cleaned the studio and braced ourselves for the thick air that awaited us outside. Drained from the labor but restless from what we just heard, the experience was not quite like anything I've ever had the privilege of experiencing — it was a perfect day of music.

    Stay tuned in over the next couple weeks to watch both Baeble session's in their entirety.

    Stay tuned to catch both session videos in the coming weeks.

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