7 Brilliant Sad Jack Whites
    • THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014

    • Posted by: Emily Geiger

    It was the shot seen 'round the world — Jack White at a Chicago Cubs game looking like a man hopelessly and regrettably rooting for a baseball team holding one of the worst records in the league. Oh wait, that's exactly what he's doing. But whether Mr. White is actually upset about what's happening on the field or he is simply a casualty of the Bitchy Resting Face epidemic, the Internet is choosing to continue to have a little fun at the musician's expense with some expertly Photoshop-crafted pictures. Check out some of our favorites below.

    Before You Die, You See the Ring

    Jack White and Wormtongue Look Basically the Same Without Photoshop

    I Made You a Painting. I Call it "Celebration." It's Sexual and Violent. I Thought You Might Like It.

    Dammit, Chloe

    Orange is the New White

    You Know Nothing Jack White

    Jack White Ironically Enjoying the Cubs Game

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