10 Musically Gifted Children of Famous Musicians
    • THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014

    • Posted by: Sarah Kasarsky

    Don't we all wish that our parents were musical superstars who could have passed down their talent-filled genes to us? Unfortunately, I wasn't this lucky, but some kids are. Many talented musicians have grown up to have children equally as gifted as them, though not all necessarily hitting top charts, or recording in the same style or genre as their parent. Here is our list of the Top 10 Musically Gifted Children of Musicians, who were lucky enough to inherit their parents musical genes.

    1. Jakob Dylan

    The son of world famous rock-star Bob Dylan, Jakob Dylan has carved a successful musical path of his own as the lead singer of The Wallflowers, and as a solo artist. With the naturally irresistible, subdued rock 'n roll tone to his voice, his two solo albums are deceivingly reminiscent of his father's early work.

    2. Dhani Harrison

    As the only child of Beatle George Harrison, Dhani Harrison may have inherited all of the talented genes of his father. He is the lead singer of alt-rock band Thenewno2, and released an extraordinary cover of his father's track "For You Blue" as his first solo project last September. As Dhani's vocals are eerily similar to his father's on this track, his modern-folk guitar and drum arrangements on the cover showcase the family genes to a new, contemporary generation.

    3. Norah Jones

    As the daughter of renowned sitar player Ravi Shanker, one can only wonder where Norah Jones's tender, charming, and easily recognizable voice came from. Although the release of her debut album, Come Away With Me was already 14 years ago, Joness prosperous musical career has no end in sight.

    4. James McCartney

    The son of notorious Beatle Paul McCartney, James McCartney has his own distinct musical sound, despite his family name. Where his father's solo tracks radiate a pulled back and delicate nature, James's tracks exude a fresh indie-pop vibe that is simply irresistable. The similarities may be more in the looks department, as James's face is exceptionally analogous to his father's .

    5. Amanda Sudano

    The daughter of disco and R&B queen Donna Summer, Amanda Sudano was fortunate enough to be born from a musical powerhouse. As a member of the husband and wife singer/songwriter duo, Johnnyswim, Sudano has put her inherited wide range and magnetic vocals to good use, while keeping her tracks much mellower and laid-back than her mother's.

    6. Lukas Nelson

    As a force in country music, rock music, and folk music, Willie Nelson cannot be classified as a contributor to only one musical genre. His son, Lukas Nelson, certainly follows in these footsteps. As the lead singer of Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, the bands' tracks are a particular, alluring blend of country, rock, and blues that, like Willie Nelson's hits, cant be pin-holed or defined.

    7. Ben Taylor

    Ben Taylor seizes the singer/songwriter influences of his father, James, to create albums that emit a cool, folk-rock edge. A bit raspier than his father, Ben puts an alluring and modern spin on the beloved genre that his father pioneered.

    8. Nas

    The son of acclaimed jazz artist Olu Dara, Nas has had his own share of success in an entirely different musical realm than his father. With his bold, street-influenced lyrics, the rapper worked to create his own spotlight.

    9. Adam Cohen

    As many of his tracks feature light, acoustic guitar and mellow vocals, Adam Cohen's musical work is undoubtedly familiar to his fathers, Leonard Cohen. For both father and son, their soft, folk-rock tones work like a charm.

    10. Shooter Jennings

    The music of Waylon Jennings defines classic, hard-core country, as his honky-tonk hits made him a pioneer of the Outlaw Country movement. Shooter Jenning's own tracks show influence of country grit from his father's musical career, yet with an additional rock'n'roll twang.

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