Sasha Baron Cohen Drops Out Of Freddie Mercury Biopic
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 2013

    • Posted by: Owen Reuther

    Sasha Baron Coen has dropped out of his role as Freddie Mercury in the yet to be produced biopic of the Queen frontman. We were all excited to see what Ali G's vocal range was, but it has come to light that perhaps singing ability will not be the most crucial characteristic for the casting director. Besides Mercury's booming voice, what was a major, defining characteristic of the man?

    Look at that mustache. I mean, come on. That's one of those rare mustaches that you don't see every day. In the search for a new man to play Mercury, some poor soul is going to have his hands full casting a 'stache that can carry the weight of these striking whiskers.

    If, however, the poor bastard who's assigned this job clicks on Baeble, maybe he or she will take our advice on this subject. Here are some people we think have mustaches worthy of Mercury level distinction, and some who we just think have awesome mustaches.

    Putting Tom Selleck on this list is like dunking on a four foot basketball hoop, but he embodies the look and the lifestyle of the 70s porn star.

    Nobody sports mustaches like Vermont's favorite son's- Officers Arcot Ramathorn, Mac Womack, and the infamous Rodney Farva.

    Robert Carlyle gave his best mustachieod performance in Trainspotting, but was also hilarious in the The Full Monty. Give him a spray tan and a tank top and he's got Freddie Mercury written all over him.

    See caption for Tom Selleck.

    I mean come on, Aaron Rodgers was born to rock a handle bar mustache. Doesn't he have his own record label?

    New Jersey native and professional hockey player George Parros has famously repped this 'stache for almost his entire career. He also kind of looks like Mercury.

    I just miss Cal Naughton Jr., but this has to be one of the greats in mustache history.

    While Wade Boggs never helped the Sox lift the Curse of the Bambino, he did grace Fenway Park with his glorious facial hair for years on end.

    Brain Fantana. His mustache works 60% of the time, every time. No but really ... he might be perfect.

    Everyone's favorite local government employee, Ron Swanson.

    Come on Mel, that thing makes you look like a cross between a plantation owner and Lucifer.

    While I am jealous of Sydney Crosby for a number of reasons, growing facial hair is not one of them. He's out of the running.

    Dennis Eckersley was famous for being the most dominant closer of his day... and for having a remarkable mustache.

    Rollie Fingers is the only MLB pitcher ever to win the Cy Young, MVP, and the coveted "Greatest Mustache in Baseball Award" all in the same year.

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