Out and About: Half Moon Run at Soho House
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 2013

    • Posted by: David Spelman

    The swanky Soho House rooftop, complete with swimming pool, beach chairs and well-dressed, young professionals, was home to a short set from Half Moon Run, whose debut album Dark Eyes was just released internationally. While a majority of the crowd didn't know who Half Moon Run were (several people asked me for the band's name), the Montreal indie-rockers quickly captured everyone's full attention with atmospheric opener "21 Gun Salute". With drummer Connor Molander rhythmically jogging in place while playing his stand-up drum set, lead singer Devon Portielje soon joined on his own drums, with Dylan Phillips' prominent bassline holding it all together.

    They then slowed it down with a new, twangy track "Unofferable", which had Portielje doing his best Robin Pecknold, although the harmonica and three-part vocal harmonies brought The Avett Brothers to mind. Single "Full Circle" was next, which swiftly picked up after a folky finger picking intro into semi-southern rock, featuring handclaps and steady percussion. Old school love song "Need It" followed with its Buddy Guy-style slow blues slinky guitar groove and backing vocals that provided an almost Motown feel. "Give Up" contained a late-RHCP guitar intro and proved that Portielje is not afraid to let his sometimes angelic voice get gruff.

    Half Moon Run, who just finished touring with Of Monsters and Men, are similar in style to OMAM but are a little deeper and a little more serious. I would love to hear these guys in a proper venue, where they could unleash their full folk and electronic arsenal of layered, emotional arrangements.

    Watch Half Moon Run's "Full Circle" music video.

    Dark Eyes is out now on Glassnote Records. Get your copy here.

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