That's A Wrap: Carina Round
    • TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Photos by Joe Puglisi and David Moffly

    Yesterday we squeezed into a sixth-floor room at The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg to film Carina Round and her band. The tiny four-person band room is a novel idea (featuring two bunk beds and an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline), but we were too infatuated with Round to even notice our surroundings. The music was hypnotic, dynamic, and captivating -- Round's melodies undulate in unpredictable, explosive directions, scattering her supporting cast around her voice in quick bursts of harmony and accent. The songs from her most recent LP Tigermending have a complex, almost edge-of-the-psyche quality that grabs the listener and subdues their senses. And while the recordings figure in a rogues gallery of instrumentation and arrangements, in our little hotel room session, Round had significantly less to work with. It didn't matter. The writing translated even better than any of us could have anticipated, accentuating key climactic moments with loud voices and acoustic layering. Epic songs like "You Will Be Loved" lost none of their potency -- gaining some, in fact, from the raw, visceral quality of five people spilling bits of their will to fill in the electronic gaps.

    Check out pictures below and stay tuned for the full session video.

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