Now Playing: Rhett Miller
    • TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2012

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    If you don't think Rhett Miller was the perfect performer to plunk at the very tippy top of our incredible, Launch Pad line-up down in Austin this past spring, then you don't know much about this iconic singer-songwriter. So pay attention, particularly to some of the Lone Star musings galloping through "A State of Texas"; the second song in this supremely sweaty solo performance. In it Miller declares, "When the sun goes down on Austin town that's when I know I'm home"...and doesn't he look it, working through a barrage of classic Old 97's cuts, older solo work, and even a few from his new album The Dreamer ? It doesn't matter that home for this performance is some scuzzy, 6th Street shot bar. Miller had his family (Yeah, I met his parentsthat was awesome), his faithful devotees, and a slew of songs on hand. This is why he can sing lines like "I'm living in a state of Texas and Texas Lives in me". This is why there was no better way to top off our day of music in Austin.

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