t.g.i.mixtape: volume 24
    • FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009

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    Well hello there! Are you ready for the latest edition in our T.G.I.Mixtape series? This week we have some incredible new tracks from artists like Andre 3000, Wilco featuring Feist, Edward Sharpe and many more. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of lemonade and enjoy the music.-Greg Lozoff

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    1. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - "40 Day Dream"
    Here's one from soon to be indie rock superstar Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. We say this simply because anyone who can produce things like this song and the other two songs on his debut Here Comes EP has to be destined for success in the music world. His debut album, Up From Below, has just hit stores so be sure to pick it up.

    2. Florence and the Machine - "Kiss With A Fist"
    After listening to Florence and the Machine's first EP, it made us incredibly eager for her to release a full-length. Well my friends, the time has come, as Florence and the Machine has finally released her long awaited debut LP, entitled Lungs. And we couldn't have thought of a better album title as lead singer Florence Welch has quite a set of them. Just listen to this single from the album and you'll know what we mean.

    3. Dananananakroyd - "Black Wax"
    These guys are just plain fun. Dananananakroyd are a six-piece indie-punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. They bring as much energy as Los Campesinos! and have been hailed as "The Best New Band in Britain With The Worst Name" by RockSound. Perhaps next is a Grammy!

    4. Strand of Oaks - "Two Kids"
    These guys are in the laid back, acoustic folk music category that so many of our favourite artists are a part of. Bands like Iron and Wine, Horse Feathers, Band of Horses and many others are part of this group and now we have Strand of Oaks. These American folksters have just released their debut album called Leave Ruin, and it is full of those deep, brooding and emotional folk songs that you just can't help but fall in love with.

    5. Lovers - Igloos for Ojos
    Here we have the lead track from Portland, Oregon's Lovers' latest album, I Am The West. These guys and gals are just another reason why Portland is such an incredible city, with so much talent in one place. Carolyn Berk and the gang just add to that vast pool of talent, rocking us gently every step of the way.

    6. Peggy Sue - "Lover Gone"
    Brighton, England's Peggy Sue (formerly known as Peggy Sue and the Pirates) have just released a brand new EP called Lover Gone. On it are four soulful folk songs, serving as a good introduction to the band. These guys are already pretty big in England so I think it's time we caught on here in North America, what do you think?

    7. The Octopus Project - "Wet Gold"
    Here's a brand new one from Austin Texas electronic indie pop band The Octopus Project. If you aren't familiar with these guys, now is the time to familiarize yourself. Especially because they have a pretty extensive North American tour going on this month and next, and...well yeah because they are awesome.

    8. Wilco - "You and I" (featuring Feist)
    We've been hearing this little number everywhere lately. Maybe it's because it's a great song, but that's only a guess. Wilco is great on their own but when they add someone with a voice like Leslie Feist into the mix it just makes their music that much lovelier. This track can be found on Wilco's brand new album, Wilco (The Album), in stores now.

    9. I Monster - "A Sucker For Your Sound"
    This one is just plain catchy. It comes to us from I Monster, a duo made up of two producers from Sheffield, England that go by the names of Dean Honer and Jarros Gosling. We aren't sure who is singing on this track but in our opinion she really steals the show. The rest of the album is pretty great too. It's called A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars, and it is also in stores now.

    10. Andre 3000 - "Lookin' 4 Ya"
    We're not sure what all this Tapemasters Inc stuff is all about but Andre 3000 is on this track and that makes this a big deal. It seems like he has been away too long. And while this song is only two minutes long it's still nice to hear from Mr. 3000 again. If only they didn't keep playing back that "Tapemasters Inc" sample over and over again this track would actually be pretty great.

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