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    • FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009

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    Remember Behind the Music? All the sordid histories, twisted relationships, train wrecks and intertwining downward spirals laid out on the autopsy table for your gleeful rubbernecking amusement? Sure you get plenty of that these days, but the difference is, when Amy Winehouse punches a fan or the Black Lips pee on someone yet again, no one is surprised because that's just how they do. The VH1 premise was that the music came first, and digging up skeletons in the closet came after the fact.

    Well, as part of their attempt to reach out to the young and musically savvy, ABC is trying their hand at this, by doing a two part feature on The Meat Puppets. (Thankfully, this fares better than the cringe-inducing Brian Williams Deer Tick interview.) Best known for "Oh, Me," and "Lake of Fire," (both eventually covered by Kurt Cobain) the punk/grunge 80s band recounts their roller coaster ride through success and obscurity, drug and alcohol abuse, death, disorder, and other rock band turmoil. Is anyone surprised that a band with an album called Too High to Die dabbled in heroin? No. Is it oddly entertaining to hear graying musicians chat about the glory and the gory days while jamming out to some quality grunge? Yes please. Though, I can't help feeling oddly relieved that Cobain bailed before he had to regale ABC News with tales of being young and rowdy. - Nina Mashurova

    Meat Puppets 1

    Meat Puppets 2

    Meat Puppets on Tour

    Sep 5 - Hotel Congress - Tucson, Arizona
    Sep 16 - The Marquee Theatre - Tempe, Arizona
    Sep 17 - Belly Up w/ Dead Confederate - San Diego (Solano Beach), California
    Sep 18 - El Rey Theatre - Los Angeles, California
    Sep 19 - Slims - San Francisco, California
    Sep 20 - Hopmonk Tavern - Sebastopol, California
    Sep 22 - Wonder Ballroom - Portland, Oregon
    Sep 23 - Chop Suey - Seattle, Washington
    Sep 24 - Grizzly Rose - Boise, Idaho
    Sep 25 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sep 26 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, Colorado
    Nov 1 - Voo Doo Music Experience - New Orleans, Louisiana

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    Meat Puppets on Myspace

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