The Sparkling Swedish Pop Of Theo Berndt
    • THURSDAY, JULY 23, 2015

    • Posted by: CJ Harvey

    Theo Berndt is Swedish. We're not going to say Sweden started from the bottom and now they're here but Sweden's certainly on top right now, and Theo Berndt is part of that Scandinavian wave looking to conquer the U.S. shores. They took the time to chat with us about their recent release, "Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way." Poetic and whimsical, this track alone could convert any sparkly pop lover into an immediate fan. We're excited to hear more of what the band has been crafting throughout the winter months. Check out their video and the Q&A below.

    Your latest single "Guess You Never Thought Of It That Way" is actually the continuation of a story you started in your last single "Atomic." Can you sort of allude to the progression of this story line between the two songs?

    Theo Berndt: Our latest chapter in the story of Theo Berndt actually began a year ago. After the Japanese tour we went back to writing new songs again. Before, we put a lot of thought in [to] not making our songs too easy and direct. This time we tried to rely more on our gut and instinct.
    We also wanted to change our way of releasing the material so instead of working toward a traditional album release, we wanted to offer more songs with shorter intervals between releases. This resulted in a first recording session with the outcome of three brand new songs of quite a different nature. But what binds them together is the common theme, "Patterns." And that part you have to figure out yourself when listening to them ;)

    Upon listening to the new single "Guess You Never Thought of It That Way," my attention is immediately directed to the funky use of pointed collective vocals and assuring percussive jumps. Can we anticipate a future of up-beat danceable tunes like your latest single, or might you have some 'softer', "Blueberry Clouds"-like jams in the works?

    The latest single was one of those who felt most liberating when being created and where all the pieces and structures very quickly fell into place. Apart from that, it is also extremely fun to play live. We have more and more begun to yearn for precisely that feeling so it is not completely impossible that you will hear more of the up-beat-Berndt in the future.

    I can't help but feel extremely liberated from the shackles of conformity, while listening to the latest single. Would you say that there is an intentional air of haphazardness incorporated in the songs delivery?

    This song started out as a rehearsal jam and was not even considered to be a part of these three singles from the beginning. But after a while it grew on us and we felt that it conveyed a very kind of feeling. Theo Berndt has always been balancing on the edge between the extremes. A wild creature that sometimes must be curbed. In this case, we let it go all the way.

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