8 Graves Lets Us Know What's Going On
    • THURSDAY, JULY 23, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    Please artists, put out more track commentaries. I'm all for everyone developing their own interpretation of a record and processing it for themselves, but getting to know what the artist truly means with their choice of words provides a substantially better connection to the musician, and is also a little bit of fun. Almost like I'm playing the role of a psychonaut, it's interesting to hear the truth after trying to decipher it out for myself. This holds especially true when the track has such a clear purpose behind it, as is the case with 8 Graves' new single "Lie."

    The single, which we are premiering on Baeble today, is off the NYC based group's debut Mixtape, and comes with a video commentary to clear up any confusions. The track lives on a melancholic electronic beat that provides the perfect platform for some sincere lyricism; ambient and swelling, it moves in and out with the emotions of the track. Love lost, frustration with the building up and breaking down of relationships, and a bit of self loathing are all touched upon and fit right at home over the smooth beat. It's clearly written from a sense of purposelessness but the song itself is just the opposite.

    I could tell you what I think is going on here and what I get from the track, or you can listen to the man himself. Mixtape is set to release August 14, but in the meantime check out "Lie" and its accompanying commentary.

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