Out and About: Franz Ferdinand at Live On Letterman
    • TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2013

    • Posted by: Austin Knief

    In support of their forthcoming album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, the Glasgow-based Franz Ferdinand made their way across the pond for last night's performance at The Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City. The four Scotsman had the Live On Letterman audience in the palms of their hands from the moment they walked in from in back of the audience, as is the tradition. The group high-fived fans as they made their way down towards the stage, gave a quick accent-flavored hello, and broke right into their 12-song set.

    The band cut right to the point, beginning with the crunchy new lead-single, "Right Action" (this was performed for The Late Show with David Letterman just hours before). Then, without hesitation, they broke into "Tell Her Tonight" from their self-titled debut album, thus spanning the band's 11-year history in a matter of minutes. The packed house was kept very engaged throughout the whole performance, with lead singer and guitarist Alex Kapranos getting the band to sing and clap along to the gritty new tunes.

    Perhaps to the surprise of many, Franz did not limit their performance to a simple exhibition of new material. The group played quite a few tracks off of older albums, including the hit songs "No New Girls", and "Do You Want To". But what got the crowd at its loudest decibel, not shockingly, was the performance of their signature song "Take Me Out" off of their debut album. The hit song, with its almost legendary guitar riffs and anthemic lyrics, was noticeably the one song that got the whole crowd singing along. And it was also the perfect song to get the crowd amped up for the last song of the set, "Love Illumination", the third track off of Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.

    Franz Ferdinand ended their set with a bang, thanked the crowd (and the Internet), and walked off to a long standing ovation. The still energetic crowd, myself included, slowly filed out of CBS Studios and walked out onto Broadway with a good taste in our mouths. Franz Ferdinand's fourth studio album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action will be available for purchase in the US on August 27th via Domino Records. Watch the entire performance below.

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