5 Must-Haves in a Lana Del Rey Music Video
    • MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012

    • Posted by: Andrew Gruttadaro

    Another day, another Lana Del Rey music video. This one is for "Summertime Sadness" and you can watch it here. It's a drab and depressing fake-found footage depiction of a tumultuous relationship between Lana and (gasp!) model/actress Jaime King. This addition to a long line of Lana Del Rey videos looks shockingly similar to every other music video Lana Del Rey has made. Not only are we seeing trends, but we're starting to feel like she can't live without a handful of thematic cues and visual characteristics. Wouldn't it be amazing if her next video was like this? So, here are five of the most prominent necessities in a Lana Del Rey music video.

    1. Stock Footage

    As seen in: "Video Games," "Kill Kill," "Diet Mtn Dew," "Carmen," the original video for "Blue Jeans," "Off To The Races," "National Anthem"

    In order to achieve that "Old Hollywood" aesthetic that Lana Del Rey seems to be all about, she pillages old movies, commercials, and home movies for the visual accompaniment to her songs. Initially it seemed like she was cleverly commenting on the glamour and excess of the Hollywood-paparazzi lifestyle, but at this point it kind of just seems like she's into stuff that looks amateur-ish and old.

    2. Looping

    As seen in: The audio release of "Born To Die," The trailer for "National Anthem," "National Anthem," "Summertime Sadness"

    Lana Del Rey video shoots must be pretty short. After all, they just need to get about two minutes of footage so that they can loop it intermittenly and unabashedly to put together a five minute video.

    3. Grand Tragedies

    As seen in: "Born To Die," "Summertime Sadness," "National Anthem,"

    Suicide! Assassinations! Death by car explosions!

    4. Against-Type Love Interests

    As seen in: "National Anthem," "Summertime Sadness," "Blue Jeans," "Born To Die"

    Lana Del Rey kind of looks like a 1950's rendering of an angel. And she loves that. But not as much as she loves skirting our expectations by pairing herself with a tattooed badass, A$AP Rocky, or a girl.

    5. Fingers and Lips Imagery

    As seen in: Every single Lana Del Rey music video

    Okay, you knew that Lana Del Rey had some juiced-up lips. But did you know that she also has some pretty long fingers -- like Dumbledore-sized fingers? If you hadn't noticed, shame on you, because she puts those babies in the forefront of most of her videos -- wrapping them around a joint in "Born To Die," sticking them in Rocky's shirt and mouth in "National Anthem"... I could go on.

    So, have we completely ruined Lana Del Rey for you yet?

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