video submission: young goldie
    • FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2010

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    Here at Baeble we receive a whole lot of submissions through our drop box, specifically from artists who'd like to be featured on our blog. However, every now and then, we receive a video or two from a fantastically misguided member of the Youtube community who wants to be seen doing something strange or fascinatingly silly. Today is one of those days. Ever wonder what a series of rap/hip-hop dance/freestyle videos filmed in the electronics section of a Walmart might look like? TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!

    I present Young Goldie (not the most well-known user of this moniker, mind you), who will demonstrate some "Feestyle Jerking" somewhere near the DVD aisle.

    ATTN: Walmart. Sponsorship? Feel free to add your own soundtrack. Personally I think "W.T.P." by Eminem works particularly well in the meta-humor department.

    Keep em' coming, internet! -joe puglisi

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