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    • FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2010

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    This week we heard the face-melting live set of one of LA's favorite buzz bands, Local Natives. For today, we asked vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kelcey Ayer (he's the one with the beard) to put together our weekly mixtape. As they say in professional sporting events, it's good!

    But seriously, it is. Pop it on!-joe puglisi

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    1. "Red Wine" - Pepper Rabbit - Clicks and Shakes Double-EP
    I met these two dudes at a basement show in Colorado Springs four years ago, and now they live in LA and we're good friends. I think they have a really special quality to their music that I can't pinpoint, but I love it. They've got a double-EP out now from where I grabbed this song, and live they shine in a whole different way. Check it.

    2. "Queen Black Acid" - Menomena - Mines
    I got into these guys by way of their last record Friend and Foe, and this is the first song on their upcoming record Mines. They've got a very meticulous way of making music... I love trying to decode and figure out what they're doing. They also each have very unique and distinct voices, but they all work together perfectly.

    3. "Before Your Birthday Ends" - Suckers - Wild Smile
    I heard them play this song before I knew them (they just finished a full US tour with us, they're label-mates too) at CMJ last year, and I remember asking around about it and heard it was new and couldn't get it yet. Well Wild Smile is out now, and this is a great jam on it. Fans of the band above would dig it I think.

    4. "You Do You" - Bear In Heaven - Beast Rest Forth Mouth
    I heard about these guys around the blogs late last year, but didn't dive into the record until a few months later. It's one of the only records that the whole band has gotten into, and I remember hearing this song and smiling from ear to ear. The energy and rhythm to it is infectious.

    5. "Machinery Of The Heavens" - Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms
    We played a CMJ showcase last year and our booking agent works with Patrick, so he played the same show and I checked it out. His voice is so entrancing, it reminds me of something I'd hear on the radio in the 40's. This is the last song of his second record.

    6. "Down Down Down" - Peter Wolf Crier - Inter-Be
    This is a band that just was introduced to me a month ago, and I really dig this track. The chords and melodies aren't too progressive, but what they do with them and how they use them sounds great. It's from their debut album, which I think will gain some attention soon; it's really good.

    7. "Twice" - Little Dragon - Little Dragon
    They're from Gothenburg, Sweden, with a singer that has such a unique, dynamic, soulful voice. I thought for sure she was a black, back-up singer gone solo, but she's Swedish-Japanese! Beautiful too, and so nice in person. This song is from their first album, but they have a new one out called Machine Dreams which is great too (more danceable than the first record).

    8. "Vacationing People" - Foreign Born - Person To Person
    This is a band from LA that's got a lot of other things going on (biggest side-project at the moment being Fool's Gold), but they released their second record last year that I think was grossly underrated (another record the whole band really dug). This is my favorite song on it; great rhythms, melodies, and the horns at the end remind me of Bowie, which is always good.

    9. "Pearls" - The Union Line - The Union Line
    These guys have been great friends of ours for a good while now; we went on three of our first tours together (reunion this fall!). They're recording some stuff right now that sounds like a big leap forward for them, but this is one of my favorites of the songs they have released.

    10. "Lazarus" - Peggy Sue - Fossils and Other Phantoms
    Great girls (and guy) from Brighton, UK. We did a three week tour with them before their debut came out, and they kill it live. I'd strongly recommend catching a show of theirs and picking up their debut record. Folky but with a rawness to it that gives it an edge.

    -Kelcey Ayer :)

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