In Our Ears: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    It goes without saying that we listen to A LOT of music over the course of the work week. In Our Ears is our weekly round-up of what we couldn't stop spinning, packaged up in one nifty Spotify playlist that you can take with you into the weekend.

    "Lets Go Out" by Alex Lahey
    I have been obsessing over Lahey's songs since she came out with her first single late last year, and I honestly can't wait until she drops her whole album. I can't pinpoint what her deal is yet, but I genuinely enjoy how layback and simple her sound is. Definitely keep an ear out for this one.

    "Get you back" by Mayor Hawthorne
    Nothing but love for Hawthorne's new album and the man himself, but really I'm just always in awe of the stories he tells with his songs and how heavy with female-fetal themes they are. The story here is one that I find myself daydreaming about and feel it transport me every time I listen to it.

    "Feedback" by Kanye West
    OK, I'm a bit ashamed of this one, but I'm taking a don't hate the game (his work) hate the player (kanye) sort of approach to Kanye...which has been working quite nicely for me since I can't stop playing this damn song over and over again.

    "Snakecharmer" by Rage Against The Machine
    OK, not sure if I'm allowed to choose an older song for this feature, but you know what? I'm mad! I jump on Facebook and what I read makes me angry. I turn on the television and what I see makes me angry. I can't do more than 5 minutes of it before wanting to check out. 'Cause the world is starting to resemble a nightmare. So I'm throwing it back to the one band of my teenage-hood who embody that anger and the revolutionary spirit that's entirely absent from American society today. Honestly, I probably didn't know what the hell they were singing about when I was 14. And I can't say I've ever really taken the time to revisit the band and dig into those lyrics. But man...Rage Against The Machine just sound like change. Rage Against The Machine sound like power. Rage Against The Machine sound like an uprising. It's convention season...and the world needs Rage Against The Machine (but Prophets of Rage will have to do.).

    "All Day All Night" by River Whyless
    Now that that is off my chest, here's something a little more pleasant. "All Day All Night" by the Asheville band River Whyless is total ear-candy. I think it's a folk's certainly ripe with enough rootsy elements to qualify as one. But it's got a drive to it, and adventurous vocals that really make it pop...not something a lot of folk's more pastoral artists serve up. Dig it.

    "Wrist" by Logic
    I realized this week that Logic had dropped a surprise mixtape like a month ago and almost screamed, so I've been listening to it nonstop ever since. I'm hitting myself for not catching this earlier, because this song is so epic and intense, but also it's kind of just a fun, summer track. Also, I just learned what flicking the wrist actually means, and it's definitely not what I expected... oops.

    "I'm Hooked" by DVG
    I wish more people listened to DVG! He just put out a new EP last week and I wanted to listen to it right away but forced myself to save it for my bus ride to the city. There's something so bright and hopeful about this track, it just really resonates with me.

    "Welcome To Your Life" by Grouplove
    I've been a pretty big Grouplove fan for the past few years, and this new song is really putting me in the mood for their next album, which is set to come out soon. I can't wait for it.

    "Jungle Youth" by Young The Giant
    This new Young The Giant track is pretty cool and I've been playing it on repeat. I love the heavy beat and the electric guitar. The video they released with the song is pretty trippy, too.

    "Door" by Nice As Fuck
    I've had Jenny Lewis' side-project on my radar for a while, but I finally heard them when they went on Colbert a few days back. I punched myself a little bit for waiting this long to hear them, because they've got a really cool post-punk vibe going one which is right up my alley. This particular song screams "Joy Division with a female singer," so if that sounds at all appealing you'll definitely be into this one.

    "The Noisy Eater" by The Avalanches
    One of my biggest pet peeves is noisy eating in a quiet room, but this song works for me for some reason. It sounds like early 1970s Hip-Hop on acid, which I guess you can describe any Avalanches song as "BLANK on acid." I mean, it's not my usual cup of tea, but it's just so goddamn weird I don't want to hit the pause button. Come for Biz Markie, stay for the Beatles sample.

    "You and I" by Margaret Glaspy
    I just started getting into Margaret Glaspy's music (I know, I'm late) but it's great. It takes a lot of skill to write such simple, straight-forward lyrics.

    "My Body's Made Of Crushed Little Stars" by Mitski
    There are very few albums that I'm able to listen to 100x in a row without getting sick of them, and Mitski's latest album, Puberty 2, is one of them. Every single song on the record is relatable, but this one really sticks out lyrically, as she points out the troubles of every young adult: "I wanna see the whole world / I don't know how I'm gonna pay rent." Yes girl, we all feel you.

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