Five Side Projects To Cure Your New Music Withdrawl
    • FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    These five popular artists are putting out new music and you may not even realize it.

    Have you been listening to your favorite band's last album on repeat for two or more years? Do you wake up in the morning and immediately check their Facebook page for any signs of activity? Have you made a playlist of their old music and tried to trick yourself into thinking they put out a new album? If so, you may be suffering from "New Music Withdrawal," a highly common disease within the Music Nerd community. But never fear, if your favorite artist or band happens to be involved in any of the side-projects listed below, there might already be an album's worth of new music waiting for you to devour.

    Side project of: Jenny Lewis, Erika Simone (Au Revoir Simone), Tennessee Thomas (The Like)

    This lo-fi post-punk band basically started when Lewis, Simone, and Thomas met at a clothing boutique and talked about how cool it would be to start a girl punk band, and that's what they did. With a minimalist drums-and-bass approach to breakup songs and protest anthems alike, NAF have delivered some heavy grooves that live up to the band's name. They most recently rocked their TV debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and you can listen to their self-titled debut right now.

    Side project of: Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes)

    Not gonna lie, the band name alone sold me before I even heard the music. Then I heard this was Brittany Howard's band, so of course it's freaking awesome. The band's music features Howard's usual God-like vocals, but is more influenced by 60s underground rock and surf rock than the soul-heavy Alabama Shakes. The only thing under tour dates on their website says, "Maybe someday...?" So for now we'll just have to enjoy their rowdy and wonderfully grimy self-titled record.

    Side project of: Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Miles Kane (The Rascals)

    After releasing a record in 2008, Alex Turner and Miles Kane resurrected the baroque-rock collaboration this year with Everything You've Come to Expect. Considering that the Arctic Monkeys are British legends and finally crossing over in the US, it was almost a sure thing that the Last Shadow Puppets were going to garner some attention thanks the Turner's involvement. The band is currently on tour, so definitely check them out for some good old-fashioned rockin'-and-rollin'.

    Side project of: Paul Banks (Interpol), RZA (Wu-Tang Clan)

    Interpol and Wu-Tang Clan? In what world? In this world, apparently, as Paul Banks and RZA have teamed up to create a strange yet effective mix of alternative rock and old-school Hip-Hop. RZA has been known to delve into the rock world, working with the Black Keys on multiple occasions, so in a way it makes sense that he would eventually cross paths with Banks, who was responsible for shaping the 2000s indie-rock sound with Interpol. They are set to release their debut record in August, but in the meantime, check out the handful of songs they have on their SoundCloud.

    5. THE ARCS
    Side project of: Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)

    Some psychedelia here, some blues-rock there, a mariachi band from time to time, the Arcs is a textbook side-project in that it's Dan Auerbach's way of trying out whatever the hell he wants. Their debut record Yours, Dreamily, was met with critical acclaim and brought them a lot of fans, and Auerbach claims the band's backlog is already close to 80 songs. With an underground sound that both grooves and experiments, the Arcs take more diverse and interesting turns than the Black Keys, but sound enough like Auerbach for fans of the Keys or his first solo record to enjoy. Listen to Yours, Dreamily, now, or check out the Arcs on tour.

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