Enjoy The Sonic Atrocity That Is Tiffany Trump's Foray Into Pop Music
    • FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016

    • Posted by: Susmita Paruchuri

    After his horrific entrance at the RNC earlier this week, it's looking like Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump might need seek out some new intro music. The list of musicians who would sign off on allowing Trump to use his music is most likely pretty small (Kid Rock? Ted Nugent?), but there is at least one option that let's Trump keep it in the family. His daughter Tiffany once dabbled in pop music as a teen...because, of course she did.

    So what happens when your dad is rich enough to finance your foray into music? You would think something like Rebecca Black's infamous "Friday" video. But "Like A Bird", recorded back in 2011 when she was 17, sounds mostly like a disembodied voice drowning in auto tune. Seriously, it's kind of weird! And lyrically, it's...something else. Let's dive in, shall we?

    Diamonds are so shiny
    Special things uncover me

    Yes. It's true. They are. But that's not where it stops. Tiffany, daughter of a billionaire (and actress Marla Maples), was also named after a jewelry company. So she's going deep here. Really reflecting.

    Everybody's partying
    Obsessing over crazy things
    I just want serenity
    While living it up

    Here, the 22-year-old singer goes into a thorough criticism of the wild partying and hookup culture that millennials have been known to partake in. But Tiffany is totally different, she just wants to be carefree and have fun while enjoying world peace and serenity! Which is relieving. Perhaps she'll be a calming influence when her father takes over the nuclear codes.

    I see you like that spot above
    Crawling through the liquid love

    I'm at a loss here, to be honest, and this lyric makes me feel gross on so many levels.

    You're cute and you're tweeting me
    Baby you go, "Beep, beep, beep!"

    Ah, relationships in the digital age...so much to think about!

    To be honest, that's about all there is to this one. Basically, seems like she wants to be free. Seems like she wants to fly away. Tiff, we cant blame you!

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