Lake Malawi's Ode To Youthful Love
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 2015

    • Posted by: Alana Solin

    Indie-pop band Lake Malawi recently released what may be the new ode to youthful love, "Young Blood." The song is slightly dreamy, yet keeps itself upbeat and summery with its fast tempo and layers of instrumentals. Somehow Lake Malawi has captured the end of summer; almost feverish in its sweetness, but aware of how quickly it is sprinting toward a bitter end.

    Lake Malawi has just returned from touring the UK and is now working on a new album. We were able to ask the emotive band a few questions about their music, their process, and their evolution as a band.

    You all have managed to establish a pop sound all your own - tying in a serine combination of retro dance pop and indie chill groove. How have you all come to define your particular sound?

    Lake Malawi: Wow, I wish we could say that. We are still finding out who we are every day, at least I am anyway.? I'm a big fan of Bon Iver. I aim to be as honest and as "me" as Justin Vernon is himself playing music and writing songs.

    In the newly released track, Young Blood, there's a concise simplistic wording used to relay an undeniable message of love. Can you explain the reasoning behind the deviation from your more lyrically weighty tracks? Would you argue that the melodic arrangement speaks for itself?

    It's true the two words "Young Blood" are on constant repeat in that song hardly saying more verbally... For me, it's more important, though, to forget age and time as a barrier between people. And when we get to the final chorus of "Young Blood" at a gig, I feel we made it happen and I run into the crowd like Yannis from Foals... ?

    With such stark inter-EP variance (i.e. from quietly acoustic, to danceable pop arrangements), could you explain your dynamic song-writing process?

    I usually write the song myself somewhere quiet, home, in a hotel room, in a car or on a train... And then we bring it to life together focusing on making it more powerful (or at least as powerful) as me singing it alone in my bedroom. Sometimes a band arrangement can kill a song. On the other hand, we all know when we're doing the right things to the song... It's like we were giving it new wings and suddenly, it's ready to take off into the universe on its own. That's what I love about being in a band and that's what I love about Lake Malawi!

    The vocal harmony in Young Blood is distinct, outgoing and painfully nostalgic. Are there any old or new acts that have inspired this charismatic use of vocal harmonies throughout your newest EP We Are Making Love Again?

    Oh yeah, definitely The National, The Boxer Rebellion and even Daughter which is fairly dark... It struck me when Matt Lawrence, who worked on the EP alongside Mo Hausler with us, ?pointed out my iPod is full of depressing stuff... Like Polica or Warpaint. I think that was the old me. Maybe it makes sense to listen to sad stuff and write optimistic songs. Maybe the happy songs I write get more nostalgic because of what lays deeper down. No matter what I may find, I am not afraid to dig deep though, not anymore.

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