Avicii Prepares to Rock the Music World Off It's Feet
    • TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014

    • Posted by: Sarah Kasarsky

    Avicii created his own niche in the EDM world by introducing a new, folk-pop twist to EDM standards on his 2013 album True. With the enormous success of tracks such as "Wake Me Up" and "Hey Brother", the Swedish DJ/ producer wasted no time beginning a follow-up record. With this not-yet-titled album, Avicii is attempting to open the gates of EDM even more, and has decided to expand his reign over rock music. According to Rolling Stone, rock icons including Matisyahu, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Bon Jovi, and Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong will all be featured on the new album.

    Avicii's musical locks on these acclaimed artists may be a sad time for rock 'n' roll fans. It is hard to imagine college students dancing to an overly synthesized Green Day tune, and an EDM version of "Livin On A Prayer" doesn't seem like the next big hit. But, considering that Avicii has had great success meshing his style into pop, we can only hope that the tracks on this upcoming album will roll from rock to pop just as easily as the last, and we won't have to explain our rock icons' descent into EDM to the next generation.

    Check out a pre-Avicii'd Matisyahu perform exclusively for Baeble at The Guest Apartment below:

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