MP3: St. Vincent
    • FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011

    • Posted by: Dominick Sorrentino

    A brand new St. Vincent track has left the vault thanks to the many folks who have been tweeting "#strangemercy" this week. "Surgeon" is the first song we've heard off of Strange Mercy, for release September 13, and it's loaded with enough versatility to be it's own album.

    The days when Annie Erin Clark wanted John to marry her are over. Now she wants a surgeon to cut her open. But that's not the only thing that's changed about St.Vincent post 2007. Since setting sail for new waters with Actor, she has decorated her folksy aesthetic with a more poppy sound—relatively that is, as it would be blasphemy to accuse the saint of being a pop-musician. But her newest "Surgeon" has an ever-so-subtle hint of electronic spark, complete with an outro that dangles on the edge of funk. For all we know, Strange Mercy is the realization of potential she was tinkering with on Actor. Whatever it is, we like listening to "Surgeon", so we're giving it to you on the house, courtesy of those who have tweeted.

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    MP3: "Surgeon"

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