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    • THURSDAY, JULY 22, 2010

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    Bradford and the gang have a new album on the way, and the first 7", entitled "Revival", is hidden deep within the secrets of a website that only the faithful street-teamers can access. Did you spread the word about Halycon Digest? If so, you saw the album art and tracklist before anyone else, and have the exclusive right to download the Revival 7", which includes non-album B-side "Primitive 3-D" (both tracks are stellar as usual). Instructions after the jump.

    Head over to the website if you've received a password, type it in, and click on the tape reel in the hidden picture for the download. Of course, if you weren't part of the team but want to do a little sleuthing, you can always do a little Googling for the code... just be prepared to feel guilty!

    Some blogs have just been straight up posting the MP3, and while I appreciate their zeal, it's kind of a lame backhand to the efforts of Deerhunter to make this release fun and rewarding for dedicated fans. Feel free to cheat, we can't stop you, but don't ruin it for the teamsters!

    Halcyon Digest is out 9/24 via 4AD. -joe puglisi

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