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    • THURSDAY, JULY 22, 2010

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    For the last ten plus years Film School has been drifting on and off radar, changing lineups, changing labels, changing sounds. But the primer is set right now with the rise of the Mexican Summer posse for the electro minded, younger bands stirring up a buzz for these veterans (of nu-wave is it?), its fourth full-length release Fission will be hitting the streets August 31 via Hi-Speed Soul Records to open arms.

    Very often I read reviews that say something along the lines of "this album has real structure, well-crafted pop songs, etc", but that doesnt alone a good record make. You dont have to be a Juilliard trained musician to write a catchy pop song, in fact the rules vis a vis a kick ass tune are simply a mirage. How many bedroom balladeers that know maybe ten chords on their sh*tty keyboards make the leap to buzz band stardom? The point I'm so slowly making my way towards is that Fission is indeed a concisely crafted record, and while that quality does not guarantee success, this time around, it fits damn well.

    With that said, "Heart Full Of Pentagons" rips open the album with an instantaneous "f*ck yeah" feel good track, feeding directly into the veins of some similarly rock-grounded electro poppers (not to mention blog favorites) like Delorean and Phantogram. But Film School doesn't remain suspended in pump-up pop for the full-extent of Fission. Its first single "When I'm Yours is far more interested in classic post-punk, while tracks like "Sunny Day" and "Bones" wonder into 90's brit-pop twee territory. Not to mention, the increased vocal play between bassist Lorelei Plotczyk and frontman Greg Bertens is just such a delightful cherry on top.

    Fission is a great album from start to finish, and while its tracks are swimming with fuzzy synths and swirling reverb, its blueprint is sharp, meticulous and clean. The attitude of the record plays deliberate, confident, and mature, which, as a listener makes you really appreciate the amount of time and care the west coast quintet poured into its fourth full-length. And just for the record, this is how you do structure right... this is a well-crafted pop album.-amelia trask

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