stray stars of a Brooklyn sky
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 2009

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    It is difficult, at times, for electro to act as anything except something to throw on in between sets at Webster Hall, a playlist for a dance party intent only on proving one's hipness quotient. But perhaps Cale Parks, drummer of White Williams and Aloha, now an all out solo artist and his resigned, disaffected heartbreak in the expansive electronica landscape of his melodies can attempt to break the mold.

    The solitude and melancholy glitters like the stray stars of a Brooklyn sky, clouded by the skyline of the city in the distance, the pollution of the night and overwhelming expanse of the city folded in between Cale Parks's cool, pulsing songs. Much of this can be picked up in Cale Parks new EP, To Swift Mars, to be released August 4th on Polyvinyl Record Co. The kaleidoscopic, sigh and rooftop contemplation backed EP even in its relative short duration create perfect late night summer bedroom album, when you want a change from the non-stop acoustic folk indie of the rest of the world and would rather fall into this romantic, hazy, dreamy electronic landscape of gentle longing. Get familiar with Cale now and catch him on one of his dates playing with Lemonade below.

    -Laura Yan

    Cale Parks on Tour

    8/18 - Santos Party House - New York, New York
    8/19 - Talking Head - Baltimore, Maryland
    8/20 - Brillobox - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    8/21 - The Summit - Columbus, Ohio
    8/22 - Hideout - Chicago, Illinois
    8/23 - B Side - Cleveland, Ohio
    8/24 - El Mocambo - Toronto, Ontario
    8/25 - Bug Jar - Rochester, New York
    8/26 - Great Scott - Allston, Massachusetts
    8/27 - Comet Ping Pong - Washington DC, Washington DC
    8/28 - Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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    Cale Parks on Myspace

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