Why You Need to Put Bonzai on Your Radar
    • FRIDAY, JULY 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    Indiana-born, Dublin-raised, London-based Bonzai is not like most girls her age. With a jazz-singer for a mom and a drummer for a dad, the 20 year old has music running through her veins. Bonzai's natural songwriting ability is evident in all of her songs. Her music is a hodgepodge of techno, rap, and dubstep, and she effortlessly delivers an amazing vocal performance on each track.

    Bonzai has not been on the music scene for very long, but she is already making quite an impression. The songstress has record deal with Sony, three EPs, and a single "I Feel Alright" (released just last week) already under her belt. She has attracted some of the biggest names in EDM, as well. Bonzai has toured extensively with Mura Masa, has been featured on two of his albums, and was at one point signed to his label, Anchor Point. Mura Masa also produced her most recent single. Australian DJ Flume also recognized her undeniable energy, and she joined him for his European tour at the end of last year.

    Bonzai describes her music as "punk R&B," but don't let that stop you from listening. Across Sleepy Hungry, Lunacy, and Royah, her three very eclectic EPs, there is something for everyone to connect with. Plus, she's got a killer Instagram that rivals Rihanna's, full of selfies and Black Girl Magic.

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