IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JULY 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

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    Grizzly Bear - "Neighbors"

    Grizzly Bear just dropped this new song earlier today along with a sort of trippy - but awesome - video. It is so pretty -- and that build! I am impatiently awaiting their new album Painted Ruins.

    Overcoats - "Hold Me Close"

    Overcoats just performed at our Bands + Brews last night and I have not been able to get their set out of my head! Their voices are magical.

    Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - "I'm Puttin' All My Eggs In One Basket"

    Screw it. Let's take it back. Way back. Fun fact: Ella Fitzgerald is my GIRL and I used to have solo dance parties to all of her records... No shame at all.


    Japanese Breakfast - "Diving Woman"

    It actually took me a few days to get around to listening to Soft Sounds from Another Planet in its entirety, because I just dug the opening track "Diving Woman" so much. I really like the bass line, and the guitar parts, and… well, just about everything here.

    Wolf Parade - "I'll Believe in Anything"

    This week's news about the upcoming Wolf Parade album really made me want to revisit their older songs. This one's a classic indie rock track, and one of the best of the 2000s!

    Elvis Costello and the Attractions - "Pump it Up"

    ...hey, man, why not? I've been listening to this song nearly every day this week before I go running, to help me get… well… pumped up I guess. I'll see myself out.


    Tyler, The Creator - "Garden Shed"

    In what feels like Tyler's best solo work to date, "Garden Shed" emphasizes his mental struggle on his newest record with garage synths and a delicate introduction.

    Linkin Park - "Faint"

    Yesterday we lost Chester Bennington who fronted Linkin Park. He could sing pretty, sing sad, and sing angry. Linkin Park heavily assisted in bringing elements of metal music to those who were unfamiliar, and he is a talent that will be strongly missed.

    Kamasi Washington - "The Magnificent 7"

    Listen to west coast jazzer Kamasi Washington shred on this 7/8 time signature. At his solo climax, take note of his routine but unique saxophone screeches and howls.


    Tyler, the Creator - "Boredom"

    As Tyler, the Creator dropped various singles before releasing his album Flower Boy today, this was the one that caught my eye. I feel like a bit of a fool because I'm only now starting to pay attention to his music. A while ago I didn't even realize that he made music, I just thought he was Frank Ocean's funny outgoing friend who also happened to be famous on vine. Ha. Anyway, I'm listening to his music now and it's good.

    Transviolet - "The Hamptons"

    I listened to this song when I found out that Transviolet would be playing Bands + Brews (which took place last night) and found it equally funny and catchy. I'd love to blast this one while driving in a car... Maybe while driving through the Hamptons?

    Amy Winehouse - "Half Time"

    Whenever I'm feeling particularly jazzy, this is one of the songs I turn to. Though I love Back To Black, this track is such an underrated example how groovy Amy Winehouse was in her music. The song itself explains how music is so important to her and how it takes many different sounds to come together and create a beautiful song.


    Declan McKenna - "Brazil"

    This is a great tune about a righteous cause.

    2Chainz - "It's A Vibe"

    This one is a smooth rap/rnb collaboration with some great features.

    Cuco - "Lover is a Day"

    "Lover is a Day" is a great song I came across randomly through Twitter. Cuco is a upcoming indie artist with a lot of promise.

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