BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'TV Screens and Videos' by Lily Virginia
    • THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    We're beyond excited to premiere the new video for "TV Screens and Videos" from Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Lily Virginia. The track is off her debut audiovisual album, Play Me Twice, out this fall, which the singer describes as "bluish purple songs with silver-gold shimmers," and after watching the video, we understand why she chose that color palette.

    Virginia manages to effortlessly blend several different genres into the mix. Elements of folk, pop, rock, and even a little jazz at some points can be heard. The track is drenched in lush, sparkling guitars as the thumping bass carries a danceable groove. Virginia's smart vocals are on a whole different level as they posses evident authenticity and emotion. During the verses, they stand on their own, but in the chorus they seamlessly blend in with the rhythmic guitars, doused in reverb, almost acting as an effect. They're simple yet packed with punch and feeling. Lyrically, it's cheeky and smart as hell -- a bit reminiscent of St. Vincent's "Digital Witness," Virginia touches on the idea of seeking validation via social media. Instead of being a real person and enjoying the moment, she's wearing makeup and putting on high heels for other people, begging for recognition, which we all know a little too well. Although the well-produced track is shimmery and ethereal, it's also upbeat and will instantly make you want to dance.

    Visually, it's a simple video which shows Virginia and her remarkable band performing the song in the studio. Not only is her band incredible, but they're a large band, consisting of Lily Virginia (vocals/guitar), Scott Kapelman (bass), Andre Vasconcelos (guitar), Eyal Hai (saxophone), Michael Sarian (trumpet/flugelhorn), and Alessio Romano (percussion/production). PHEW! Not all members are seen in the video, but they are most certainly heard. The visual matches the audio perfectly with warm wood and decorative lighting.

    Virginia will be releasing Play Me Twice in a series of music videos shot live at producer Alessio Romano's Studio 42, so be on the look out. She's also playing a show this weekend in New York. Find more info HERE.

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