BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Sunday Smile' by Jake Troth
    • THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    LA-based artist Jake Troth has released a new, lovably quirky video for his song "Sunday Smile," and somehow accomplishes one of the most impressive feats known to man: Making office work on the weekend look fun. Coming across like an episode of The Office directed by Wes Anderson, the video features everything from creepy bosses to sword eaters to heavy metal drummers to even a happy monster. The video follows a group of office workers who are begrudgingly forced to come in on a Sunday, but with Jake Troth and his trusty "Gif Creator 6000," that group leaves the office with their resignation letters, ready to finally pursue their passions.

    While the video hilariously captures the sluggish grind of a desk job, it also captures the unmatched excitement that comes with doing what you love. "I wanted to make a visual for the song that looked how I felt inside while writing it: Motivated, encouraging, and playful," Troth says, and the video does just that by matching the song's upbeat and optimistic sound. It's a perfect song-video combo to encourage you to get rid of any burdens, get out there, and try something you always wanted to do.

    Troth began his musical journey with the guitar at the age of nine, and after playing in various death-metal bands he began writing very non-death-metal songs, and eventually moved to LA to pursue a career in music. He's written and produced music for artists like Kelly Roland, Jennifer Lopez, and Big Boi of Outkast, and he's currently working on his debut album with Atlantic Records. Ahead of the album, Troth put out a short film called Double Black Diamond, which tells a whimsical love story based on a collection of songs hed previously written. Like "Sunday Smile," "Double Black Diamond," the film, will make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside with adorably cute plot and beautifully shot cinematography.

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