Typhoid Rosie Pays Their Respects
    • TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015

    • Posted by: Niko Demetriou

    Do you remember the one kid in school who held the definitive title of class clown? Of course...there's a bunch of kids that would make you laugh, but there was always the one whose sole job seemed to be to brighten up the day for others. I remember him, and I also remember the day he got kicked off the soccer team. The price of fooling around a bit too much...what was clearly one of the saddest days of his life immediately became one of the saddest of mine. It's the power of polarity, seeing a man with such a happy soul reduced to tears will break down most anybody who sees their descent.

    Rosie Rebel, of the Brooklyn based Typhoid Rosie, puts this dichotomy on display in her new track "Hearts Bleed Goodbye." A comedian (who has competed on America's Got Talent and Last Comic Standing) and singer, Rosie sports a collection of standup performances (and personal, humorous home videos) that highlight her truly bright personality. After seeing this side of her, the absolutely vulnerable and heartfelt track kicks all that much harder. Devoted to her mother, whom Rosie lost while leaving her grandmother's wake to the same injury that claimed her grandmother's life at the same hospital where her grandmother passed away, the subject matter is very purposefully heartbreaking. However, the group doesn't allow themselves to fall into a predictable melancholic piano, love lost ballad tune, but instead sticks with their pop/rock sound and relies on Rebel's bleeding lyricism for the heavy hitting effect. It's a beautiful expression of emotion, and one that only gains more ground after recognizing who it is that's performing.

    Set to be released in Fall 2015, Hearts Bleed Goodbye will be the group's first album released in America. A tribute to Rosie Rebel's mother, it is sure to be a powerful one which Rosie's quote (below) sums up in heart-breaking detail.

    "I wrote this song after losing my mother. The world felt cold, broken, because it was missing my mother's light. I miss her laugh, her clumsy dances, her freckles, and her messy hand-writing on cards. I go to sleep at night wishing I could see her face again."

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