New Album: 311
    • THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2011

    • Posted by: Dominick Sorrentino

    A new album sometimes means a new sound. In some cases, it's a bad sound. In others, it's a really bad sound. But 311 manages to change up a few things without spoiling the goods with Universal Pulse, only two-days fresh off the market.

    The pinnacle vibration of Universal Pulse distinctly varies from 311's nine other studio-albums. Weighty distortion bursts on the scene of the majority of the tracks. Excluding the final track, "And a Ways to Go", incidentally also the most sobering track, none of the songs surpass 4 minutes in length. The overall album features 8 songs, and runs at about 30 minutes, making it their shortest studio-album to date. The end result is a blitzkrieg that will certainly grab your attention, hit you over the head a few times, and maybe come back to visit on the right summer night. It's not 311's apex album by any stretch, feeling slightly rushed at times, but it's packing more than enough heat to keep your ears occupied until that day comes.

    The album is available for preview and purchase here. Check out what's left of the summer tour below:

    7/21 Thursday HOLMDEL, NJ
    7/22 Friday WANTAGH, NY
    7/23 Saturday BOSTON, MA
    7/25 Monday BETHEL, NY
    7/26 Tuesday PHILADELPHIA, PA
    7/28 Thursday VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
    7/29 Friday WASHINGTON, DC (Bristow, VA)
    7/30 Saturday ATLANTA, GA
    8/1 Monday CHARLOTTE, NC
    8/2 Tuesday RALEIGH, NC
    8/4 Thursday 311 POW WOW FESTIVAL, FL
    8/5 Friday 311 POW WOW FESTIVAL, FL
    8/6 Saturday 311 POW WOW FESTIVAL, FL
    8/11 Thursday LAKE CHARLES, LA
    8/12 Friday HOUSTON, TX
    8/13 Saturday DALLAS, TX
    8/14 Sunday AUSTIN, TX
    8/16 Tuesday DENVER, CO (Morrison, CO)
    8/17 Wednesday SALT LAKE CITY, UT
    8/19 Friday SAN DIEGO, CA
    8/20 Saturday IRVINE, CA
    8/21 Sunday SANTA BARBARA, CA
    8/23 Tuesday SAN FRANCISCO, CA
    8/25 Thursday EUGENE, OR
    8/26 Friday SEATTLE, WA

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