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    • TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2009

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    Forest Fire is band that likes to take its sweet time. They recorded their 9-song album, Survival, over 8 months, and then waited a year between its unofficial online release and the official release (slated for July 20th). Unlike the similarly named British electronica band Friendly Fires, Forest Fire creates sparse folk arrangements that slow down time and luxuriate in negative space.

    Split between Brooklyn and Portland, these guys have a continent stretching between them, and the palpable distance underlying their free-range sound leads me to believe they've forsaken digital-age convenience and arranged the entire album via pony express. While Survival is generally a lo-fi grower (one worth your time) the single "Fortune Teller" immediately hooked us with its minimal melodies and sardonic vocals promising to "melt some faces / with Gatling gun social skills." And speaking of vocals, Baeble favorite Sharon Van Etten lends hers on a track or two. Good to know they're in good company. -Nina Mashurova

    Forest Fire on Tour

    Aug 10 - Union Hall RECORD RELEASE - Brooklyn, New York
    Aug 14 - The Luminaire - London
    Aug 15 - LA ROUTE DU ROCK FESTIVAL - St. Malo
    Oct 31 - Festival Les Rockomotives - Vendome
    Nov 20 - Theatre Denis - Hyeres

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