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    • MONDAY, JULY 21, 2008

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    Pictures by Melissa Rosenthal

    Sweat-inducing heat couldn't keep the crowds away from Coney Island, whose potential last year of existing couldn't slip away without one last Siren Fest. This is assuming that Kevin Drew's final words of caution were based on fact... warning the crowd to keep the spirit of Coney Island alive, vote for Obama, etc. In any event this was the tail end of a day of great music, huge crowds, drinking, and dancing.

    Parts and Labor

    Performances included The Do-Dos, Parts and Labor (above), The Helio Sequence, and more.


    A definite highlight was the electric performance from Islands, who more or less destroyed the crowd with their unique songwriting and over-anxious violin player. Seriously, the five-some was some of the crew's favorite part of the day.

    Broken Social Scene closed out the night, unfortunately at the same time as Stephen Malmus and the Jicks (which they mentioned their disappointment with; not being able to see ol' Stephen). Despite being Feist-less (not to mention girl-less in general), the band performed a song with a random fan singing the high parts, and she wasn't half bad. Great horns and vocals from Gentleman Reg rounded out the set, which took the day into night and took the festival to a close. Good times.-joe puglisi

    Broken Social Scene

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