Give Thursday a Chance: 4 New Singles From Chance The Rapper
    • FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2018

    • Posted by: Mary Kantor

    In all honesty, Thursdays are kind of the worst. Thursday is one more obstacle in the way of a summer barbecue or a long deserved nap after a long week at work. Thursdays are the crocs of the week. Luckily, Chance the Rapper gifted us four singles overnight for a Thursday morning blessing. When the praises go up...four Chance singles come down. Incredibly sneaky of him, but nevertheless a game changer.

    Chance's four new singles "Work Out," "I Might Need Security," "Wala Cam," and "65th and Ingleside" are now out on Spotify, Apple Music, etc... Chance announced this debut by tweeting the singles' cover art early on Thursday and posting on Chance Raps. His release was most definitely unexpected, as many were anticipating a full-length album from the Chicago native. Also unexpected was the bit of news he chose to share in one of the singles.

    "I Might Need Security" begins with a sample of Jamie Foxx's stand up special I Might Need Security. Foxx's voice is carried throughout the entirety of the song, as Chance addresses his independence as an artist. Chance also announces his recent acquisition of The Chicagoist; the local news, food, and arts publication. His reasoning behind the acquisition--"to run you racist b****** outta business". The single is upbeat, catchy, and makes quite the statement.

    "Work out" begins with a slightly more electronic background with lingering and pulsating synths. Chance discusses his daughter, fiancé, and a new home. Before Chance's recent backyard BBQ proposal to his baby mama, there was a lawsuit between his now fiancé regarding their child together. "Work out" alludes to their relationship and home life "working out." Chance shows off his vocal skills with his use of soft falsetto and melodic unmistakable phrasing.

    Chance's next single "Wala Cam" refers to Wala Cam TV, a media platform for midwestern talent that aims to showcase public media. The song has a consistently groovy beat as "Wala" is repeated over the entirety of the chorus. Chance's verses are paced quickly and to the beat. You can't help but dance while listening to this track.

    The final single "65th and Ingleside" begins with the angelic sounds of an organ, giving it a grand opening. This single is a bit different from the rest with its influence from gospel verses and melodies, but still very in line with Chance's strong Christian faith that he often brings into his music. The refrain repeats "there's a way, out of no way" referring to a gospel saying and alluding to how far Chance has come with his personal and familial life. The title "65th and Ingleside" is also Chance's girlfriend's previous address on the East Side of Chicago.

    Chance's four singles prove to be quite groovy and praiseworthy. Each single discusses Chance's growth and familial struggles, making every lyric and melody personal. These songs are most definitely here to make your day better with their undeniably catchy beats and profound meaning, which is why you should always give Thursday a Chance. But we still want an album. Like now please.

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