Wolf Parade Lets Loose on 'Valley Boy,' Their First New Song in Seven Years
    • THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    Wolf Parade fans, rejoice! After an all-too-long hiatus, the band announced today that they will finally be returning this year with a new studio album, titled Cry Cry Cry. This will be their first major release in seven years, with their most recent release being 2010's Expo 86. However, while the band has technically been gone for seven years, they did announce their reformation way back in January of 2016, and performed a series of summer shows that same year. They also confirmed their return to the studio around this time. However, the band has been very light on specifics since then. So, in other words, fans have been waiting for an update for well over a year and a half now, let alone an official announcement of a new album.

    Thankfully, along with the announcement of Cry Cry Cry, the band also released a new song today, titled "Valley Boy," and fans will be happy to know that Wolf Parade sounds exactly like they remember them. Wolf Parade's trademark standout guitar parts are here, as well as frontman Spencer Krug's distinctive voice, all of it letting loose in yet another unforgettable Wolf Parade chorus that is reminiscent of some of their best work on Apologies to the Queen Mary, their influential debut that many critics considered to be one of the best indie rock releases of the 2000s.

    Krug apparently wrote the song after Leonard Cohen's death, and when you listen to the lyrics, that becomes apparent from the very first line: "The radio's been playing all your songs/and talking about the way you slipped away up the stairs." Then, there are more obvious tributes, like the line "It's pouring rain, the earth is on fire/so you finally became that bird on that wire." It's a heartfelt tribute to a one of the most beloved performers of all time. Check the song out for yourself, and look forward to Cry Cry Cry's release on October 6th.

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