Kid Rock For Senate?
    • THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    Is Kid Rock actually planning on running for Senate? Despite many people's (understandable) doubt, and the fact that he has yet to officially confirm a campaign with just over a week to go before the filing deadline, the Detroit artist has been insisting that it's not a hoax. In addition to his post stating that "it's not a hoax, it's a strategy and marketing 101!" he just tweeted a link to his website,, where fans and supporters can now buy campaign merch.

    There are plenty of reasons to think that Kid Rock isn't actually going to be running for Senate. For one thing, he has a lot coming up. From releasing new music to performing a six-night concert series in September for the opening of Detroit's Little Caesars Arena, to his third annual Kid Rock's Fish Fry in October where he'll be giving daily performances, Rock seems to have a lot coming up in his music career that might leave little time to worry about campaigning. Aside from all of that, the campaign website is pretty sparse. There isn't much on there other than a glossy picture of Kid Rock, links to buy his merch, and inexplicably, the phrase "are you scared?" Honestly, yeah, kind of.

    Kid Rock, if he actually goes through with a campaign, would be running against the current Democratic Senator of Michigan, Debbie Stabenow. Although he doesn't have any real experience in politics, this wouldn't be the first time he got involved in that sphere; back in 2012, he supported Mitt Romney, playing a concert for the Republican presidential candidate's rally and allowing his song "Born Free" to be Romney's campaign theme song. More recently, he's shown his support for Trump, visiting him alongside Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin at the White House in April. This also wouldn't be the first time a celebrity with no real experience got elected to a position of political power *cough cough*.

    With the filing deadline coming up, we'll know soon enough what's really going on with Kid Rock's whole "running for Senate" thing. Hopefully, it'll turn out that he's sticking to what he does best - making corny music and being kind of problematic.

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